Compressed Sensing for Remote Imaging in Aerial and Terrestrial Surveillance

CS-ORIONs work plan is divided into six work packages with the following objectives:

WP1 - Project Management:  This work package performs the overall project management and coordination; constant monitoring and steering of the R&D work to achieve the project goals; and ensures the proper and timely execution of all administrative and financial tasks.

WP2 - Application Scenarios and System Definition:   This WP will consider the overall system aspects of the proposed compressed sensing solution for remote sensing and surveillance.  More specifically, it will develop the details of the targeted scenarios, the associated requirements, and the system architecture.  The detailed scenario descriptions will determine many system requirements such as imaging modalities, type and spatio-temporal density of measurement data depending on the specific surveillance scenario (be it aerial through UAVs or terrestrial through camera sensor networks), spatial extension to be monitored, geographical layout of the sensing elements in the terrestrial scenario, necessary co-operative tasks, and overall communication architecture of the system.

WP3 - Implementation of Compressive Image and Video Sensing Algorithms:  This WP will develop the novel techniques, based on compressed sensing principles, to support relatively “light” image and video encoding systems, where some of the encoder complexity is transferred to the decoder.  Objectives include: (i) applying the CS principle to fast video sensing; (ii) achieving robust video transmission via compressed sensing; (iii) fast and practical recovery of video data (including denoising, super-resolution, and multi-view) via simple inter-frame sparsity models and Bayesian CS reconstruction methods employing appropriate additional priors; and (iv) providing both video compression and encryption guarantees, through CS-based encryption, without the additional computational cost of a separate encryption protocol.

WP4 - Prototype Development and System Integration:  This WP will develop a working prototype of a remote imaging system using the proposed CS-ORION compressed sensing platform.  Objectives include (i) bundling of the CS-ORION algorithms and tools as a versatile and coherent software package, consisting of middleware and software components, which can be easily integrated in user applications; (ii) integrating the CS-ORION software with a hardware system, resulting in a flexible platform, appropriate for real-world surveillance applications. 

WP5 - Testing and Evaluation of Results:  The objectives of this WP are (i) to specify in detail the testing and evaluation platform; (ii) to define a comprehensive methodology and metrics to test and evaluate the performance of the CS-ORION platform; (iii) to evaluate the overall performance of the CS-ORION platform and identify and propose further improvements; and (iv) to demonstrate the capabilities of the evaluation system using the new algorithms. 

WP6 - Dissemination and Exploitation:  The objectives of this WP are: (i) to collect early market input and thereby ensure that market needs are addressed properly by the project; (ii) to promote project visibility via exhibitions, conferences, workshops and standardisation activities; (iii) to establish a proper plan for the successful exploitation of project results; (iv) to set up a complete plan for the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and resolve any IPR and related project-internal conflicts; (v) to design a quality control manual for the project; (vi) to assess the quality of the project deliverables and final results; and (vii) to propose corrective actions.